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Advanced Sports Nutrition to help you achieve your goals

Our products are specially designed to help you reach your maximum potential as an athlete, but always taking care of your health, preventing the appearance of muscle injuries and gastrointestinal problems.

For this reason, in the Totum Sport range of sports supplements you will find the best allies to overcome your challenges.

Sea Mineral power

Our products provide you with all the benefits and nutrients naturally present in seawater. They contain magnesium, which contributes to normal energy metabolism and to maintaining the electrolyte balance of our body, among other things.

Doping Free

Our sports supplements are free of doping substances. We believe in a completely clean sport. They have been developed to meet the specific nutritional needs of athletes, always against the use of prohibited substances.

100% natural origin

We only use real ingredients (no artificial additives) to help you achieve maximum performance. Our products are free of GMOs and allergens (such as soy, gluten, cereals or lactose). They do not contain sweeteners or additives of artificial origin.

Scientifically backed

At Totum Sport we rely on R+D+i to support our products with scientific data. We collaborate with universities and elite athletes to design high-quality products that help you get the best performance.

Natural ingredients | Seawater minerals | No added sugar | Doping free | GMO Free | Vegan

Advanced Sports Nutrition

High quality formulation to achieve the highest performance while taking care of your health.

Enriched with the power of marine minerals

Totum Electrolytes

Up to 78 electrolytes for immediate assimilation. The perfect solution to meet your challenges.