Awards & recognition

Project Recognitions

We invite you to discover more about the various awards that our organization has received over the last few years for our business practices, health project, sustainability, and the charity and volunteer initiatives of our team.



Young Entrepreneur Award | Premio Joven Empresario (JOVEMPA)

Winner: Francisco Javier Coll

National Young Entrepreneur Award | Premio Nacional Joven Empresario (CEAJE)

Winner: Francisco Javier Coll


Flexible Company Award

Small Business Category

GPTW Ranking: 8th best SME to work for in Spain

GPTW Video Competition Winners: "We are passionate about our workplace”

Winners of the "We are passionate about our workplace" video contest.



Healthy Company Award

1st runner-up

Invasion with the prize

Distinction in Occupational Risk Prevention in the Community of Valencia.

Healthy Work Environment Award

2nd runner-up in the SME Category.


Finalist categories: SME of the Year and SME CSR.

National Wings Awards

Second prize, SME category.

GPTW Ranking

3rd best SME to work for in Spain.

Family Award Group of Catalan Entities

Category: Family and Work-Life Balance.


Digital Health and Business Award

Second Place.

Healthy Company Award

1st Runner-Up

“Sponsor an athlete” Award


“Empresas Sabias 2015” Award by the Regional Ministry of Social Welfare (Generalitat Valenciana)


“We are a Company” Awards by El Pais / Banco Popular

Finalists in the category "We promote work-life balance”.

Best Human Resources Management Awards. SME Category

Finalist: Cecilia Coll

Ranking GPTW

2nd Best SME to work for in Spain.


III Healthy Company Awards

SME Category

MEES (My Company is Healthy) Awards

Finalist in the "Healthy Leadership category”

National Wings Awards

Winners of the "Work-Life Balance" and "Social Responsibility" Awards.

Ill Digital HR Health and Business Award


Super Caregivers Award

2nd Prize in the "Companies" category.


EFR Certificate from Másfamilia Foundation

Grade A

II MEES Awards (My Company is Healthy)

Winners in the "SME" and "Emotional Well-Being" categories.

1st Online Inter-Company Solidarity Olympics “eHealthChallenge 2017”

First Place in the SME Category.


V Healthy Company Awards

Ambassador “Healthy SME”

V FS Magazine Occupational Health and Safety Awards

Training Award in the SME Category

2nd Edition of the "MIA Awards" for the Alicante Brands of the Mediterranean Marketing Club

“Best Family-Friendly Brand Award”

Alicante Business Platform "United March 8" Awards

"Most Sustainable Company” Category

XI “NAOS Strategy" Awards of the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety, and Nutrition (AECOSAN)

1st runner-up in the "Work Environment” category

“The Zen World – Adecco” 3rd Edition Awards

2nd place in the category of "Best Work-Life and Flexible Policies”

Ill IN4Bankia Business Awards in the province of Alicante

Finalists in the category of "Best
Exporting Company".

OCARE 2018 Awards

Best SR in Communication Campaign
in Job Content: "Quinton, the Well-Being Laboratory"

Agora Wellness 2018 Awards

Winners of the "Company Committed to Well-Being" category

GPTW Certificate 2018

Great Place To Work


II Farmaforum Awards

Winners in the category of "Pharmaceutical Laboratory: Best Human Resource Management"

IV My Company is Healthy (MEES) Awards

Winners in the "Good CSR Practices" category”

Economía3 2019 Awards

Winners of the "Research Award”


Best CSR Communication Campaign in Job Content.

"The Zen World - Adecco" IV Edition Awards

Third place in the "Promotion of Physical Activity and Healthy Habits" category.