4 reasons why totum sport is the ultimate hydration solution  

Cramps and lactic acidosis are common issues faced by athletes and sports enthusiasts. However, many solutions in the market fail to deliver the promised results or come with unwanted side effects. 

Here are 4 reasons why Totum sport is the ultimate solution to eradicate cramps, decrease lactic acid and take your performance to the next level:

1. Eliminate cramps from the root cause 

Totum Sport utilises essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and sodium, which play crucial roles in muscle function, hydration, and blood circulation. These minerals support energy production, muscle contraction, fluid balance, and healthy blood vessels. The 78 minerals in Totum Sport work in harmony to eliminate cramps from the root cause. 

2. 44% reduction in lactic acid

The mineral composition of Totum Sport is almost identical to that found in human blood plasma. This makes it 100% effective for absorption. Studies also show a 44% reduction in lactic acid to the same degree of hydration. 

3. say goodbye to Unwanted Ingredients 

Most rehydration solutions are damaging your health with added sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives. Even natural sweeteners like stevia are shown to disrupt your gut microbiome. Totum sport is the only natural solution containing all 78 essential minerals in the correct ratios. 100% natural, cold micro-filtered seawater it it’s purest form. That’s it. Did we mention it’s vegan, paleo and keto friendly too?

4. The results speak for Themselves

Elite and amateur athletes around the world are all experiencing the benefits. Join the Totum Sport family now.

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