Sustainable development

Nature has provided us with seawater, which is more than enough reason to comply with the Objectives of Sustainable Development. We work as a team to protect the planet.

Giving back as a team

At Quinton, we carry out different philanthropy projects in which employees of all levels participate. Some project examples are: collecting shoes and sports gear for charities, recycling plastic caps and running kilometers to raise money for good causes. Everyone participates and does their part!

5 generations have been able to enjoy our health program

Our "Quinton: "Well-Being Laboratory" program has allowed up tofive generations of employeeswith different needs to feel happy,achieving a happiness index of 94%.

We promote sustainable energy generation

Since 2009, we have had solar panels installed in our facilities. We take advantage of sunlight to generate energy that doesn't pollute the atmosphere and fully enjoy the great gift the sun gives us every day.

Work-life balance for those with children

Our team can implement several work-life balance measures, which allow parents to improve the attention, care and education of their little ones. They can take off on their child's first day of school, have special schedules when their child is going through an orientation period, tutoring during work hours, flexible hours, and more.

Ceramic coffee mugs to avoid disposal plastic containers

Thanks to these small steps we are able to accomplish big changes. We have managed to reduce the use of plastic cups by more than 80%, offering the entire staff customized ceramic mugs and reusable stainless steel water bottles, both of which have a long shelf life.

Cutting-edge technological innovation

We use the latest technology to continue moving forward. For this reason, we allocate 5% of our revenue to R&D projects. In addition, we provide our employees with technological equipment which offer them complete freedom in terms of time and spatial flexibility at work. This means they can carry out their work anywhere in the world.

Positive linear growth

Our business model is based on generating a sustainable economy. People, society, nature and the environment are the driving forces behind our project, which lead us to achieve both stable and quality employment. This is all backed up by figures of linear growth.

Thorough standards for waste treatment

We treat all the waste we generate through the detailed standards established by the ISO 14001, which demonstrates our commitment to environmental care. Not only do we recycle paper, cardboard and glass, but also batteries, toners, light bulbs, obsolete technological equipment, and more.

Encouraging the use of public transportation

Everyone on our team is very aware of CO2 gas emissions. Therefore, they don't hesitate to use public transport, bikes, and carpooling. We know how much every little thing counts.

Use of biodegradable detergents

We look after water resources. Every action, however small, is important to ensure that wastewater is less contaminating to the environment. The cleaning agents we use in our clean rooms are sustainable, since we choose those which are made from biodegradable components.

Furthermore, we are members of the "Alliance for Water" stewardship, which means we are committed to improving the water services and sanitation of our facilities

Alliances for a better world

We reaffirm our commitment to the planet by joining entities such as SIGRE, the Alliance for Water and the UN Global Compact, with the aim of reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable behavior.

Likewise, by adhering to the Luxembourg Declaration, we promote the well-being and health of our colleagues and employees.