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Our process

The Advance Quinton Protocol (AQP) is the process we use to obtain and treat seawater. It was discovered over a century ago by René Quinton and has been patented and perfected by our team's current technical resources.


We must first select a suitable location to obtain our raw material (seawater), in highly concentrated areas of the ocean, known as phytoplankton vortexes.

Cold Micro-filtration

Once in the laboratory, we proceed to filter the seawater through strict aseptic methods at 0.22 microns, leaving it free of impurities and external contaminating agents.

quality assurance

We take quality and purity seriously, subjecting our raw material to over 100 physical, physiochemical, and biological analyses throughout the production and packaging process. This ensures the absence of contaminants such as heavy metals, oil derivatives, pesticides, radioactivity, and pathogens.

Quinton Biotech Labs

Quality Assurance

In our laboratories, we possess the best technologies and implement the most exhaustive microbiological and physicochemical control protocols, to ensure that our products are all of the highest quality.


our quest for excellence

We focus on the quality and excellence of our products as a result of our policies of continuous improvement which are backed by the following seals and quality certificates by Health Authorities.