Health Bundle

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Boost or maintain your healthy lifestyle with our Health Bundle.

🌊 1 x box of Quinton Isotonic
🌊 1 x box of Quinton Hypertonic

Benefits of using the Health Bundle:
✔️ Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
✔️ Aids normal energy metabolism.
✔️ Aids the normal functioning of the nervous system.
✔️ Aids regular muscle function.
✔️ Aids regular protein synthesis.
✔️ Aids the cell division process.
✔️ Remineralises the body
✔️ Improves gut health
✔️ Boosts immunity
✔️ Enhances deeper brain sleep and cellular recovery
✔️ Aids complete hydration
✔️ Suitable for vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian and paleo diets.
✔️ No preservatives, sweeteners, sugar.

Out of Stock Notice: Quinton Hypertonic is currently sold out and will not be available as part of this bundle until we receive new stock. Therefore, we have adjusted the bundle's price for the time being to exclude Quinton Hypertonic. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

How to use the Health Bundle

Take daily for optimal health. We recommend using the hypertonic ampoules around more intense activities or in the morning, and the isotonic ampoules during the evening / before bed.