Why Thousands Are Switching To This Ultra Hydrating Marine Plasma

“I’ve been drinking electrolytes for years, but Totum Sport is a game changer. It’s the only product offering a full spectrum of electrolytes in an ionic form, ensuring immediate absorption. It’s also got 0 additives!” 

1. Fastest, Most Convenient Way to Hydrate

In the high-octane world of sports, every second is crucial. Packed with 78 ionic electrolytes, Totum Sport offers the quickest route to effective hydration thanks to its ready-to-use packaging and rapid cellular absorption. A quick sip can instantly replenish lost fluids and electrolytes, putting you back in top form without delay.

2. Ionic minerals can be 3x More Effective for Hydration

Totum Sport isn't your average hydration solution. It's a balanced blend of 78 essential minerals and trace elements in ionic form. What makes these ionic minerals exceptional is their ability to bypass the digestive system, instead allowing for immediate cellular absorption .Studies have shown that these naturally-occurring seawater minerals can be up to three times more effective in promoting hydration compared to standard electrolyte powders or sports drinks.

3. Say Goodbye to Additives That are Compromising Your Health

While most commercial sports drinks contain additives such as sugars, artificial colours, and preservatives that lead to gut distress and poor health, Totum Sport is a clean and natural option. It has no added sugars or artificial ingredients, making it a safer and healthier choice for athletes concerned about what they put into their bodies.

4. A Versatile Tool for Every Type of Athlete

Totum Sport is not just another hydration supplement; it's an all-encompassing hydration tool designed to meet the unique needs of athletes across all disciplines—be it sprinting, swimming, or soccer. The balanced mineral composition and rapid cellular absorption properties make it an unparalleled choice for high-performance activities and speedy recovery. Plus, it's versatile enough to fit into any lifestyle: it's vegan, keto, and suitable for those practicing intermittent fasting, making it a go-to hydration solution for athletes of all dietary backgrounds.

5. Globally Recognised Real Results

Totum Sport is not just another hydration product; it's a globally recognised solution used by top athletes and sports teams worldwide. Backed by scientific research and glowing testimonials, its efficacy in boosting performance and recovery has earned it a spot in the international athletic community's arsenal of must-have products.

Real People, Real Reviews

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Rethink Hydration, Transgress Your Limits 

Increases Energy Production

Aids in metabolism of energy from food.

Boost Performance

Aids in Osmoregulation, Supporting optimal fluid balance within cells.

Eliminate Cramps

Supports optimal muscle and nerve function.

Enhanced Recovery

Promotes cellular repair and post exercise healing.

Improves Sleep

Reduces inflammation and promotes deeper sleep.

Restores Electrolyte Balance

 Supports optimal hydration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? 

What is Totum Sport and how is it different from Totum Nite?

Totum Sport: Specifically crafted for athletes, Totum Sport is a hypertonic seawater-derived solution that mirrors the essential mineral and trace element composition of human blood plasma. Ideal for use before, during, and after exercise, it helps ensure peak performance and swift recovery.

Totum Nite: This isotonic solution is designed for recovery and nighttime use. It aids in restoring the body after intensive physical activities and promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.
Totum Nite: This isotonic solution is designed for recovery and nighttime use. It aids in restoring the body after intensive physical activities and promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.

How should Totum Sport be used by athletes?

Usage: Athletes should consume one sachet of Totum Sport before, during, and after their workout or competition. For prolonged activities, a sachet can be consumed every hour to maintain optimal performance levels.

      Storage: Store sachets in a cool, shaded place. For best results, consume immediately upon opening.

      How does Totum Sport enhance athletic performance and recovery?

      Totum Sport, with its hypertonic blend, sharpens an athlete's cognitive and physical abilities by stabilising neurotransmitter and electrolyte levels. This ensures optimal neuron functionality and muscle responsiveness, crucial for sustained energy, concentration, and peak physical performance.

            Is daily consumption of Totum Sport safe for athletes?

            Absolutely, both Totum Sport and Totum Nite are formulated for daily consumption, ensuring that athletes remain rejuvenated and primed for peak performance.

            How does Totum Sport differ from other athletic mineral supplements?

            Specialized Formulas: Both Totum products, derived from seawater, are uniquely tailored for athletes. They align with the mineral and trace element structure of human blood plasma, guaranteeing natural and efficient uptake.

            Natural Efficacy: Unlike many sports supplements with lab-derived ingredients, Totum's offerings present natural, ionic minerals for rapid and efficient absorption, ensuring athletes benefit immediately.

            Purity in Performance: Free from artificial fillers or preservatives, Totum sachets give athletes a clean, potent mineral solution to elevate their game.

              Are there any known side-effects with Totum products?

              Totum Sport has an excellent safety record, with no reported side effects. It is suitable for athletes across all sports and show no known interaction issues with other supplements or conditions.

              Are Totum products doping free? 

              Yes, all Totum products are doping safe and approved by WADA.