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  • Ionic Minerals: 78 essential, bioavailable nutrients in both formulas

  • Peak Performance: Boost stamina, endurance, and muscle function

  • Optimised Recovery: Deep sleep support and nervous system balance

  • Day to Night Support: From workout boost to overnight recovery

  • Vegan & Keto-Friendly: Complements all lifestyles

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  • Ionic Minerals: 78 essential, bioavailable nutrients in both formulas

  • Peak Performance: Boost stamina, endurance, and muscle function

  • Optimized Recovery: Deep sleep support and nervous system balance

  • Day to Night Support: From workout boost to overnight recovery

  • Vegan & Keto-Friendly: Complements all lifestyles

"A week ago I ran a 100km ( Recce Raid ) race and used the Totum Sport hydration supplement by Quinton SA and as a ultra runner I can truthfully say that the product works and has the said benefits… awesome product especially as I used it because I was prone to cramps…"

    - Pieter

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Water is not enough

For peak athletic performance, optimal cellular function is a non-negotiable. In a time when our waters are lacking in vital minerals, the search for the ideal electrolyte solution is more crucial than ever. Simply put, water alone doesn't cut it—cells demand electrolytes for genuine hydration. 

  • 78 essential minerals and electrolytes

    Worlds only 100% natural electrolyte solution containing all 78 ionic electrolytes your cells require for complete hydration, supporting your performance, repair and recovery.

  • Ionic for optimal absorption

    Our electrolytes are present in ionic form meaning upon consumption, they don’t have to go through your digestive system like other electrolyte solutions. Instead, they are immediately and naturally absorbed and utilised by your cells. 

  • Fasting and Keto friendly, vegan, gluten free 

    No GMOs, Herbicides Or Pesticides, No Artificial Colours, Flavours, Preservatives Or Sweeteners. No sugar, calories or unwanted ingredients. 

  • 30 day money back guarantee

Rethink hydration. Transgress your limits 

Your cells are the powerhouse fuelling your performance and recovery, and many products out there offer only fleeting energy boosts via stimulants or carbs, compromising cellular health in the process. Our comprehensive protocol is crafted to nurture every cell in your body, catering to each phase of your training and recovery journey. 

Boost performance

Totum Sport plays a crucial role in cellular hydration. It aids in osmoregulation, ensuring fluid balance within cells, while its comprehensive electrolyte profile supports optimal fluid retention and nutrient transport. This holistic approach to hydration not only replenishes cells but also enhances their functionality, promoting peak athletic performance.

Increase energy production  

Totum Sport's natural blend of minerals and trace elements is pivotal for athletic energy production. It supports optimal cellular processes, especially the synthesis of ATP, the body's primary energy molecule. By promoting electrolyte balance and cellular hydration, Totum Sport ensures efficient muscular and cellular function, critical for peak athletic performance. Moreover, Totum Sport facilitates neurotransmitter synthesis, vital for focus, quick reflexes, and sustained mental endurance during training or competition.

Reduce cramps and lactic acid 

Totum Sport delivers a comprehensive range of readily absorbable electrolytes, playing a pivotal role in warding off muscle cramps through ideal electrolyte regulation. Its distinct formulation enhances cellular energy processes, minimising dependence on anaerobic pathways which contribute to lactic acid accumulation. As a result, athletes benefit from diminished muscle discomfort and extended endurance.

Enhance recovery 

Totum Nite aids active recovery by replenishing mineral deficiencies during sleep and supporting cellular repair. Its balanced electrolyte profile expedites post-exercise healing, reduces inflammation, and alleviates muscle soreness. Furthermore, elements like magnesium enhance relaxation, leading to deeper and more rejuvenating sleep, priming athletes for optimal performance and well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? 

What is Totum Sport and how is it different from Totum Nite?

Totum Sport: Specifically crafted for athletes, Totum Sport is a hypertonic seawater-derived solution that mirrors the essential mineral and trace element composition of human blood plasma. Ideal for use before, during, and after exercise, it helps ensure peak performance and swift recovery.

Totum Nite: This isotonic solution is designed for recovery and nighttime use. It aids in restoring the body after intensive physical activities and promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.

    How should Totum Sport be used by athletes?

    Usage: Athletes should consume one sachet of Totum Sport before, during, and after their workout or competition. For prolonged activities, a sachet can be consumed every hour to maintain optimal performance levels.

    Storage: Store sachets in a cool, shaded place. For best results, consume immediately upon opening.

      When and how should Totum Nite be taken?

      Usage: Totum Nite is best used post-exercise to aid recovery. Additionally, consuming one sachet before bed will help in promoting deep, rejuvenating sleep.

      Storage: Keep sachets in a cool, shaded place and use promptly after opening.

          How does Totum Sport enhance athletic performance and recovery?

          Totum Sport, with its hypertonic blend, sharpens an athlete's cognitive and physical abilities by stabilising neurotransmitter and electrolyte levels. This ensures optimal neuron functionality and muscle responsiveness, crucial for sustained energy, concentration, and peak physical performance.

          How does Totum Nite aid in post-exercise recovery and sleep quality?

          Totum Nite, the isotonic solution, supports the body's natural recovery process after rigorous activities by balancing and restoring essential minerals and trace elements. Its unique composition further promotes relaxation and aids in achieving a deeper, more restful sleep, ensuring athletes wake up refreshed and ready for the next challenge.

          Is daily consumption of Totum Sport and Totum Nite safe for athletes?

          Absolutely, both Totum Sport and Totum Nite are formulated for daily consumption, ensuring that athletes remain rejuvenated and primed for peak performance.

          How do Totum Sport and Totum Nite differ from other athletic mineral supplements?

          Specialized Formulas: Both Totum products, derived from seawater, are uniquely tailored for athletes. They align with the mineral and trace element structure of human blood plasma, guaranteeing natural and efficient uptake.

          Natural Efficacy: Unlike many sports supplements with lab-derived ingredients, Totum's offerings present natural, ionic minerals for rapid and efficient absorption, ensuring athletes benefit immediately.

          Purity in Performance: Free from artificial fillers or preservatives, Totum sachets give athletes a clean, potent mineral solution to elevate their game.

            Are there any known side-effects with Totum products?

            Both Totum Sport and Totum Nite have an excellent safety record, with no reported side effects. They are suitable for athletes across all sports and show no known interaction issues with other supplements or conditions.

            Are Totum products doping free? 

            Yes, all Totum products are doping safe and approved by WADA.

            • 30 day money back guarantee