Our body gets weaker for different reasons: dehydration, multiple sources of pollution, nutritional deficiencies and diseases. The Quinton specialities help regenerate and restore the cell system’s balance and vitality.

Incorporating Quinton Marine Therapy into our daily lives has a very positive effect on our health, physical condition and the quality of life of people of any age, thanks to its supply of natural bioavailable mineral salts and trace elements that enhance organic health through cellular renovation and complete cellular nutrition.

Developed by the French biologist and physiologist René Quinton, at the end of the 19th century, marine therapy is an overall cellular nutrition technique, endorsed by more than one hundred years of use in clinic and hospital services, and it has proven to be highly effective in treating conditions in the areas of gastroenterology, dentistry, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, sports medicine, ophthalmology, respiratory physiotherapy, rheumatology, endocrinology, etc.

René Quinton observed that human beings are actually like a “living marine aquarium” in which cells are produced and live in the same water conditions as those in which primitive cells originated, millions of years ago. He discovered that animal life, which appeared in cell state in the sea, tends to keep its conditions of origin, despite the changes that occur over time, and he defined disease as an alteration of this fundamental primitive medium.


Mineral Dispensary

The minerals available in food –fruit, vegetables, meat, fish…- have deteriorated in the last few years both in terms of quantity and quality. This weakens the immune system of human beings and leads to different synergies that are toxic for our body. However, there is a second food chain on Earth, one that naturally populates the oceans, and among other things it supplies mineral nutrients that are not found in industrial food. The phytoplankton, the most important biomass on the planet modulates all the existing minerals thanks to the photosynthesis process in sunlight and it transfers them to the seawater. The zooplankton feeds off this “natural biological marine garden”, which in turn produces a mass of bioavailable elements for the human body, thanks to marine biocenosis and it turns the mineral elements that are not bioavailable into bioavailable mineral elements.


All-round marine therapy

At Laboratoires Quinton we produce different products based on seawater that is harvested in the planktonic Vortex of the Bay of Biscay, which is rich in minerals and other elements. Our range of products includes Quinton Isotonic, Quinton Hypertonic, Quinton Dermo, Quinton Ocular and our selection of nasal sprays.

February 27, 2017